Our burgers are handmade here everyday, using traditionally reared 100% prime Scotch beef, mixed together with a selection of fresh ingredients & seasoning before being flame-grilled to order, to create the best tasting burger.

The Plain


Nothing but our delicious beef patty ready for you to add your burger toppings from below.

The Beef BLT


Beef patty piled with bacon, lettuce leaves, tomato slices and house mayo.

The Beef & Chorizo Clilli


Beef patty smothered with a thick beef & chorizo chilli stew, chopped red onion and grated mature Cheddar cheese.

The Beef BBQ


Beef patty topped with house bbq sauce, mature Cheddar cheese, and a gherkin.

The Steakhouse


Beef patty layered with mayonnaise, house relish, gruyere cheese, sliced tomato and lettuce leaves.

The Chicken


Chicken breast topped with shredded lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes and house mayo.

The Veggie (vegan option available)


Veggie patty of bulgur wheat, grated carrots, chopped onion, sugar snaps and  panko breadcrumbs, topped with house relish, shredded lettuce, tomato and red onion.

Burger Toppings


Cheese slaw, Jalapenos, Gherkins, Tomato, Kimchi.


Buns & Wraps

Please check if your chosen burger can be wrapped.

Brioche, Ciabatta, Tortilla Wrap


If you prefer your burger without a bun, swap it for a portion of cheese slaw or a mixed leaf side salad.